Chapter One: Uncharted Ground

Chapter Two:  Innocence

Chapter Three: It Begins

Chapter Four: Germany Sees the Colors of the Rainbow

Chapter Five: Hello Europe, Hitler Welcomes You

Chapter Six: Entering the Lost Month of Living Hell

Chapter Seven: Everywhere to Hide

Chapter Eight: The Killing of Young Boys

Chapter Nine: An Eye for an Eye

Chapter Ten: Rain on the Redoubt

Chapter Eleven: After All That, Now The Gates of Hell: Dachau

Chapter Twelve: Es ist Kaputt

Chapter Thirteen: Finally, Peace

Chapter Fourteen: A “Two-Front” Family’s Trip Back in Time

Appendixes:    1) Dachau;

                           2) The SA (Sturmabteilung or Stormtroopers);

                           3) The SS (Schutzstaffel or Protection Squadron);

                           4) The Hitler Youth and the Volksstrum (People’s Army);

                           5) Pre WW-II History of the Forty-Second Rainbow Division